Falleen refugees

seeking refuge of war


on the run from the Empire after extermination of their village


On the planet Ryloth there is a small refugee camp. Some of the refugees are Falleen.

An old falleen, dark green. from Zuroon, a real proud Faleen. Fully in control but emanating a slow smoldering anger. He saw his home village “sterilized” by the Empire.
He sees the necessity and logic in banding together with others that have experienced similar atrocities. As much as other species are inferior. They have to work together against the Empire.
Have become like a mentor for Xora.

“I remember the flames, the screams, the blasterfire” “why” just because they had the power to do so.
“Scorched land. Blue scars.”

A falleen from House Sizhran, the same house as Prince Xizor. Nervous. Opportunist, scared.
just wants to live. His own survival is most important.
Fleeing and banding together with Xora seemed as the safest option.

Falleen refugees

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