Administrator of the Wheel


Crimelord, Ex-senator, Wealthy, Vengeful, Control freak and all around bad egg.


During the waning days of the Galactic Republic, Greyshade was considered one of the most corrupt members of the Galactic Senate, and he enjoyed every minute of his term and the perks of holding the office.

He resigned shortly after the formation of the Galactic Empire and took over the administration of a gambling resort known as The Wheel.

The Wheel instantly made Greyshade a very wealthy man, mostly due to its exemption from any Imperial law or interference.

He owns different Tap Caf, Cantinas and an array of casinos and Gambling Establishments including The Sabacc Royale.

He also runs a number of shipping operations mostly as a front for his spice smuggling.
Greyshade has a extensive Tirefin spice smuggling ring.

Greyshade is very controlling and keeps all in his employ on a leash. He doesn’t like complications anyone stepping out of line will be dealt with by his enforcer Skijid.
For most this means a trip out a airlock or a vibroknife in the guts. But if can find a use for you he will. Usually ending in profit for Greyshade and death for all other involved.


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