Droid looking for purpose


Droid, Hired gun, Marauder:


GM5 – Gladiatorial model 5
Built by the notorious gangster Teemo the Hutt. As GM5 was becoming more and more successful, one of the opponent droidmasters decided to sabotage it.
On the eve of a great battle in Teemos arena on Tatooine
The droid’s restraining bolt was removed and GM5 reprogrammed to run away and explore. GM5 sneaked out of the arena, and broke onto a ship leaving Tatooine.
Now, as the droid roams the stars, it has to learn to live in the Galaxy.
The ship was a Firespray stolen merely minutes before by Pash Cloudfall

But Teemo hasn’t given up. He is sending out bounty hunters to track his possession and deliver it back!


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