Pash Cloudfall

The Pilot


Smuggler, Pilot, Mechanic and Slicer

Pilot and (Part) owner of the Slightly Annoyed Phoenix.
And Pilot of the Claw, a Chiss Nssis-class Clawcraft. Both ships was liberated from Azaleh Nuruodo.


Intelligent and quick to learn, but too curious for his own good.
His big passion is machines and technology, especially ships.

He applied to the Imperial Academy and was accepted as one of youngest pilots ever.
Only interested in flying, he joined a special military program for pilot aces where they tested a prototype tie-fighter. He took a ride in one without permission and crashed it (He still insists it was not his fault, the hypercore was “sluggish”). Charged with sabotage and treason he escaped to Alderaan. He worked the odd piloting job and was off planet when Alderaan was destroyed, an event which solidified his hatred for the Empire.
Then pirates/slavers took his ship and his freedom. Pash found himself working for the gangster Teemo as a indentured pilot.
On the eve of a gladitorial battle on which his master attended, he ran away.
Seeing a brand new Firespray, he “liberated” the magnificent machine and flew away…
But his former boss didn’t appreciate him running off, and the owner of pashs newest ship isnt likely to forgive him either.

Pash is happy to have found companionship with his crewmates. He appriciates Ferros negotiatation skills and his passion for Geff the Dinko reminds Pash of his own passion for his ship. However, it is GM5 that Pash has the closest bond with, partly due to the fact that they both see most of the action and that Pash finds repairing GM5 endlessly fasinating.
Pash is quite taken with Rana, the newest member of the crew, and he connects with her carefree attitude and passion for racing. Pash is not used to this kind of interaction, though, and his attempts to catch her attention are mostly juvenile or incredibly banale.

Pash has above well average reflexes and he is smart enough to have taken several e-learning degrees both with the Empire and as an independant,
Pash is a very skilled pilot of planetary and interstellar vehicles and he is knowledgable in both mechanics and astrogation from his time as an independant pilot.
More recently, Pash has trained his aim with heavier blaster rifles and have picked up slicing, which he is proving quite skillful at.

What he wants:
Pash is a dreamer and an explorer. His greatest desire is to fly off into the distance and see new places, try new crafts and experience new tastes.

What he needs:
A pilots seat and a fully charged hyperdrive.

Pash does not do a whole lot out of his apperance, his short-cropped bown hair and unkempt beard usually have oil spots and grease in it. His clothes are loose-fitting and practical, with brown, grey and (usually soiled) white being his common palette.
The picture was taken at his admission into the Imperial Academy and it is probably the cleanest Pash has ever been.

“While I am flying, it’s my ship”

Pash Cloudfall

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