Rana "Sparks" Morrow

Pilot Ace, Racer, Thrillseeker


Rana Morrow young cocky corellian with a sad past


Corellian human. Ace, Pilot.
Female 20 years old.
Grease-covered Overalls, Lanky limbs on a thin body with sparkling sharp eyes. carries a blue gem in charm around her wrist.
Her short sparky hair dyed electric blue.
Her face and hands always stained with grease from her newest project. Can always be found in a cockpit or with her buried in engine parts.

Named after Rana Mas Trehalt, the legendary Queen of Duro. She was born and raised in Coronet the capital of Correlia.
Life is not easy in the blue sector of Coronet but way more exciting than the safer parts of the city and isn’t excitement what all Correlians really want?
Ranas parents died when was too young to remember. It has always been her brother that took care of her. Together

What she can do:
Race! “Sparks” is a great pilot. Put her behind the controls of any vehicle, be it a new ship or a rusty old swoop, and she will pilot it better than the current owner.

What she wants:
motivated by ambition.
Wants to be a Famous racer/pilot.and prove herself.

What she needs:
type: Debt
Magnitude: 15
owes loansharks 20k

Rana "Sparks" Morrow

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